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Minimal Works

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"The performances throughout are excellent, and not matter the apparent simplicity of the music Viale, Raimondi and Cavallari really draw you in. The result is a seductive mix-tape which hides some genuinely intriguing complexity."
Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill

The fine performances and wide-ranging choices make this set far from ordinary or predictable. One is in the last instance filled with lyrical poetics and reminded that Minimalism looking back has covered a good deal of ground and given us a refreshing sea change that as we know has given the very later Modern voices something to react to, both against and toward. This collection I highly recommend. Viale gets it all very right.
Grego Applegate Edwards

"If you are know little about minimalism or are sceptical, as in truth I often am, this disc is a good introduction with none of the pieces outstaying its welcome; indeed I wish that some were even longer."
Gary Higginson - MusicWeb International

"Listening to the forty-eight-minute release is a bit like ingesting one delectable morsel after another, each piece an exquisite confection."
Ron Schepper - Textura

"This album is conceived as an uninterrupted dream during the REM phase, the eyes do not stop and guide our soul to slide on the pearl necklace, from one to the other, of a Shakespearean Prospero."
Livia Bidoli - Gothic Network

Minimal Works by Alessandro Viale

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