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“Sommacal's music is direct and melodically potent (...) Stella and Sommacal are an ideal match: the former plays with an elegance and refinement that complements the latter's style, and the composer's melodic material allows the pianist to expose his most emotionally expressive side.”
Ron Schepper, Textura (U.S.A.)

“Each piece accomplishes its programme with a constant delight, a rare alacrity, without affectation, served by pianist Alessandro Stella's elegance and light vivacity of touch... Let's salute this album of incredible freshness.”
Dionys Della Luce, Inactuelles - Musiques Singulières (France)

“Chapeau! to Alessandro Stella: fluidity and beauty of sound... A genuinely surprising album... Matteo Sommacal: a name to bear in mind.”
Luca Ciammarughi, Top Ten, Radio Classica (Italy)

" A wonderful album!"
Francisco M. López Herrero, La Otra Orilla, Ràdio Despí (Espana)

“Spectacular music and performances by all involved. I really like the whole album concept and the way the music flows.”
William Susman – Composer (U.S.A.)

The Chain Rules by Matteo Sommacal

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