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"Silvestrov's music sparkles in Stella's hands."

Ron Schepper -

"With his poetic interpretation, velvety toucher and refined use of the sustain pedal, Alessandro Stella creates a serene peace, as if we are hearing dreamy echoes of eternity."
Thea Derks - De Nieuwe Muze

"A beautifully produced recording"
Dominy Clements - MusicWeb International

"…the courage of simplicity, the courage of returning to the essence, a work that Handsome Skies also includes well in its title that mentions Emily Dickinson."
Valentina Lo Surdo - Radio Svizzera Italiana Rete 2

"A pianist is elegant when he always does the right thing at the right time: his elegance is expressed in an expressive timbre fluidity that is the flow of Heraclitean time, in which every drop of water contributes to form the perennial course of the river. Thus is the ability to return the music in Alessandro Stella starting from the drops of the sign traced in the score."
Andrea Bedetti -

"The miniatures that we are listening to in these
Handsome Skies of the title, are a world-famous flow over time, between Bagatelles and Waltz, a well-known Postludium and various serenades, with a melodic approach in each piece distilled and chiseled like a parure of joys and subtle and imperceptible passages from one movement to another, as in a perpetuum mobile that cradles like a lullaby. "
Livia Bidoli - Gothic

Handsome Skies by Alessandro Stella

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