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"A beautiful interpretation."
(Gurdjieff International Review)

"Hidden Sources contains the most representative and best selection of the Gurdjieff / de Hartmann music I've heard on a single CD. Alessandra Celletti's interpretations are as sensitive and as idiosyncratic as Glen Gould's. Her playing and selection are exceptional."
[J. Walter Driscoll - Gurdjieff International Review ]

"Hidden Sources offers a sensitive and even tender interpretation of the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann music, which calls for a rare quality of surrender to the music combined with a precision of intention. This music is both simple and extraordinarily subtle; and Alessandra Celletti's touch reflects these same qualities."
[Jacob Needleman- San Francisco State University)

Beautiful and inspiring!
[Charles T. Tart - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

"Whether chosen through natural or intentional selection, the pieces in this album are woven together in a musical tapestry that Celletti shares wholeheartedly with you the listener. Hidden Sources is a gentle but strong expression of an artist approaching a mystery. We hope Alessandra Celletti continues on her way with this music".
[James Tomarelli - editor of Bennett Books]

"Cells of beauty and not verbal wisdom that speak clearly to our deeper soul. Every note carves a profile, designs a curve, each key reveals a mountain, a cheekbone, a perfume, a spiritual landscape. Sacred dances for sceptical travellers of knowledge. Immense."
[Marco Boccitto - Il Manifesto]

"Alessandra Celletti's touch gives a specific emotional colour to every note,to every passage, to each of the 18 tracks of the disc, western interpretations of Asian and Indian songs. A bare and essential musical reading enhances in every passage the top level writing of the two composers."
[Paolo De Bernardin - La Repubblica]

"This music reveals the Hidden Sources of sounds lost, and found again. This "recherche du son perdu" of a lost music contains, within the vital melancholy expressed by the sounds and the performer, an extraordinary light and vibration".
[Erasmo Valente - L’Unità]

"Hidden Sources is an excellent CD. The all production is superb and Alessandra Celletti plays like piano magician".

"On pilgrimage from the Caucasus to Constantinople, after the Russian revolution, the two musicians collected songs and melodies, transcribing them for the piano. Obsolete chords and rhythms recall the fashion for exoticism at the turn of the century."
(Riccardo Lenzi - L'Espresso)

Hidden Sources by Gurdjieff & de Hartmann

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