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"Mario Sollazzo by the piano offers a selection of the Cuban composer, adding colour and rhytmic wit, attention to popular motives, and the ability to orchestrate on a level where jazz and music of his time (Debussy comes to mind, but still more Ravel) is confronted with emotion and with elegance".
Enzo Siciliano - Il Venerdì di Repubblica

The talent Mario Sollazzo from Naples, with his snag touch, keeps all the freshness inatct, fills them with sexiness and pride, afro tones and
Andalusian decadence, urban cues and gypsy wriggles, the colors that descends from the various pages of the celebrated Cuban composer.
Marco Boccitto - Il Manifesto

To the "Cuban Gershwin" the pianist Mario Sollazzo dedicates the optimal "La32" . Classic formal elegance, but alive is the hand that captures that compound of irony and the sense of tragic, one that the composer is successful in amalgamating with a modern happy genius.
Alessandro Rosa - La Stampa

"A beautiful performance"
Terzo Anello Musica Radio Rai3

"A fine recording and a fine pianist"
Bernie Kalban - Edward B. Marks Music Company

"The 18 compositions are very involving for the sounds and the ability of Mario Sollazzo in picking the numerous nuances of the music of Lecuona. the interpreter is in fact extremely skillful to give weight to the score in way one would dare to say minutious that is, interpreting all the whole score with the same attention and dignity".
lfonso Pone - Music on TNT

“A beautiful album!”
Gian Franco Grilli –

LA 32 by Ernesto Lecuona

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