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“Five years have passed since the publication of my collection of miniatures entitled
Simple Music for Piano. In this period I have had the good fortune to hear diverse interpretations of these pieces by various artists. However, the recording of 16 miniatures by Mr. Stella has surprised me in a particularly pleasurable way.
Not being a professional pianist myself, I once decided to record several of the miniatures in accordance with the imagination of their author.
The way in which Mr. Stella approaches “the simple music" very closely coincides with my own perception, while thoroughly eclipsing my modest abilities as interpreter. I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Stella
for his subtle attitude towards material, tempos, pauses, nuances and his choice of the sequence, which ultimately shapes this distinctive and highly enjoyable listening experience.”
Giya Kancheli

"My final choise is from my first day as presenter on Radio 3's Essential Classics, on Christmas morning. In the middle of the program we have a section for a more reflective work and I chose White Scenery, a depiction of a winter landscape by Latvian composer Peteris Vasks.The response from listeners was extraordinary. For those that want to hear it again, it's from an album of meditative piano works called Midwinter Spring, performed by Alessandro Stella."
Essential Classics, BBC Radio 3

“Stella plays the material with a Bill Evans-like sensitivity that imbues these pensive reflections with grace.”
Ron Schepper, Textura (Canada)

“Alessandro, with his sensitive touch, extracts all his subtle fragrance from every song. With Für Alina he gives us a luminous version of incredible intensity. White Scenery, which concludes this beautiful album, is a song shining with pure magic.”
Dionys Della Luce, Inactuelles, musiques singulières (France)

“A magical sound and a truly magnificent performance.”
Luca Ciammarughi, Top Ten, Radio Classica (Italy)

“A sound that seems to come from nowhere, if not by ourselves, within our intimate listening.”
Andrea Bedetti, (Italy)

"A blast of white summer snow among the undulating and caressing sounds of Kancheli, Pärt and Vasks."
Livia Bidoli -

"Stella plays with an expressivity so holistic that one can practically hear him singing through the keyboard."
Sequenza 21

Midwinter Spring by Kancheli - Pärt- Vasks

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