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"This disc shows how imagination can illuminate and stimulate. Fascinating, superb and unmissable."
Colin Clarke - International Piano

"This is a recording that certainly deserves to be part of any and all decent CD collections of piano music."
Jean-Yves Duperron - Classical Music Sentinel

"You will fully enjoy just listening. The refined manner of movement, the absolute faithfulness to clarity and gracefulness of line, the metrical swell and fall. Stella and his chosen composers are in agreement, and you will be too. Here is one of those program ideas that could have gone wrong-but instead makes a listener glad for the experience."
David Vernier - Classics Today

Having reached the end of this listening, but it would be better to define it as an initiatory journey, one fact strikes: despite the stylistic difference of the authors concerned, despite the sudden changes in time, a miracle happens ... "
Andrea Bedetti -

"A passionate interpretation with very pleasant listening. The touch of Alessandro Stella in the Hãndel's Minuet in G minor in the version arranged by Wilhem Kempff is masterly.
An absolutely recommendable album."
Francisco J. Balsera - Melómano

"A beautiful album."
Classic fm

A well-groomed, lively, original, elegant product (which enchants the stylized figures on the cover, signed by Bruno Melappioni!). Beautifully recorded, very well made musically by Alessandro Stella, full of moods and colors. "
Bernardo Pieri - Musica

"Stella renders the material with charm and affection, his touch delicate, his modulations in dynamics gracefully handled, and his trills executed with elegance.
One could do a whole lot worse than spend forty-seven minutes in the pianist's company as he gives voice to these charming miniatures."

"A wonderful album."
Daniel Martín Sáez - Sinfonia Virtual

"A memorable itinerary, a captivating musical program for a truly exquisite album."
Gabriele Formenti -

"I don't think I've ever encountered a disc like this before."
Jonathan Woolf - MusicWeb International

"A very beautiful musical project."

Valentina Lo Surdo - Primo movimento - Radio Rai 3

"The works are beautifully rendered."

Sang Woo Kang - American Record Guide

Minuetto by Alessandro Stella

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