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"Vocal Cords "is a cd that we do not hesitate to report as indispensable."
Danilo Faravelli- MUSICA Magazine

"A highly suggestive, intimate and exciting album. Carulli's Fandango is wonderful."
Valentina Lo Surdo - Primo Movimento - Radio Rai 3

"Music perfectly designed to temporarily lay one's worries to rest."
Ron Schepper -

"Soft and impalpable tones are characteristic of the Belmonte touch...Carulli's Fandango is absolutely amazing ...
We want to thank the hands of Andrea Belmonte for the pearly grace, to whom we spread a metaphorical red carpet for his mosaic project, set by a José Ramirez 1970 guitar. "

(Livia Bidoli -

"Andrea Belmonte plays each of these small pieces with a delicacy and vitality that reveal a deep knowledge for this music. Vocal Cords has a pedagogical function that can be used as an interpretation of the reference for some songs so typical for the first years of learning the guitar that are often overlooked in the record repertoire."
Sara Guerrero Aguado - Melomano

"…a stylistic maturity, an interpretative lucidity such as to seem almost obvious the final result, whose density is equal to the technical and executive difficulties, always faced and resolved with admirable shrewdness. Illuminating. "
Andrea Bedetti -

"Andrea Belmonte's highly expressive playing perfectly suits the cantabile style omnipresent in this music. His nuanced phrasing, subtle accents, gradual dynamic contrasts almost like a breathing motion, infuse each and every note with purpose…The music is what stands out, and that's musicianship at it's best."
Jean-Yves Duperron - Classical Music Sentinel

"A magical collage. Belmonte's technique is exemplary in the way that he makes his guitar sing."
Planet Hugill - A world of classical music

Vocal Cords by Andrea Belmonte

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